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Mother blessing Ceremony

A motherly blessing ceremony is a time to gather with the closest women in your life to celebrate your upcoming transition from girl to mother. It is a safe place where worries and fears are shared and healing occurs. During the ceremony, poems, prayers and songs can be shared with the mother. Activities such as crystal beading, herbal foot baths and sound healing may be included. The ceremony is followed by delicious and healthy snacks.


Where ? At your home, in a backyard, at a rental home or even at a yoga studio

What? A personalized ceremony that resemble you, followed with healthy and delicious drinks and food

Who? You and the closest women in your life

When? Before the arrival of your baby earthside

Singing Bowl

I will plan your mother blessing ceremony, starting with the invitations until the ceremony closes. Reservation of a venue and a caterer, setting up a calming place, leading the ceremony and activities, everything will be taken care of.


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