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Nursing Newborn

A personalized postpartum support

For your unique needs


I'm Diana, born and raised in France, now living in San Diego with my husband Weston and my daughter Olivia who is 4 years old. I was a Birth Doula, but after giving birth naturally to my daughter in New Zealand and struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety, I decided to become certified as a Postpartum Doula with Best Doula School and support new parents in this transition to parenthood. 

I nurture and guide families in the postnatal period, during which a new mother is born. Having a warm and caring support system you can count on during this transition to parenthood is crucial to your physical, emotional and spiritual recovery from childbirth. While feeding, changing diapers and developing emotional attachment with your baby are important; being nurtured with warmth, rest and nutritious meals are essential in this passage to motherhood.


I support families in San Diego, CA area. If you are looking for a nurturing, calm, natural care focused postpartum Doula, I am the person you're looking for. 


“We are born of love; Love is our mother”


Postpartum Doula

I only offer daytime postpartum support. At the start of each visit, I will check on you and plan the visit according to your needs. Each of my visits is personalized and will evolve as your needs evolve. I believe everyone is different and every family has different dynamics. While one family will need more food preparation, another family may need me to teach them how to bond with their baby, and another may need advice on self-care. You can choose to take a nap one day and have an aromatherapy session the next.

Certified Postpartum Doula, I have also taken courses in lactation, aromatherapy, infant care and development.

Personalized postpartum visits


Kelli.K, San Diego CA


" Diana exceeded our expectations for a postpartum doula. She was empathetic and supportive when I was feeling overwhelmed as a new mother. Her cooking skills are phenomenal and she took into account my dietary needs. My favorite quality about her is that she is very self-sufficient and a go-getter; she required very minimal guidance around my household for cooking and doing laundry amongst other things. Her ability to care for and connect with my newborn was fantastic, she was able to calm my son and take care of him while I took a much-needed shower. I wholeheartedly recommend Diana's services to any new mom in need of a compassionate, skilled, and supportive guide through the postpartum period. She is a true gem that I am eternally grateful for. "


San Diego, CA


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